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This precious breastfeeding bond between a mother and her child can now be tangibly preserved into a unique piece of jewelry, proudly created by La Joie En Rose. Breast milk is complex, inimitable and breastfeeding your own baby goes beyond the simple notion that it is nutritious; it’s a way of communicating with your own baby. With La Joie En Rose, you now have a way to preserve these treasured moments.

Using our solidification and preservation process, we professionally transform your breast milk. Everyone has an exclusive breastfeeding journey and no two are alike. That’s why each piece of breast milk jewelry is unique to each individual and even the transparency may change depending on your breast milk.

On our online boutique, you can also discover our beautiful jewelry and accessories made of 100% non-toxic food grade silicone. These products can be very useful when your baby is teething. Easy to use, babies chew on it to massage their gums and to relieve the pain. It can also serve as a developmental toy for your baby because of its many different textures.

They come in many enjoyable shapes and forms; from toys, necklaces, pacifier holders, etc. This La Joie En Rose product is a baby’s must have for every caring mom out there!

Minimo’s motivational products are for the whole family to enjoy! These practical and fun tools help encourage your mini’s complete their day-to-day chores while keeping them entertained.

Your child can plan their chores of the week and you can plan a reward with them. As a result, you get more quality time with your family!

The perfect tool to include your children into your family’s chores and to enhance your children’s self-esteem!

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BreastMilk, Services


Jewelery and accessories made of 100% non-toxic, safe and practical food grade silicone for mothers, children and babies.

BreastMilk, Services


Breastmilk jewelry and Keepsakes made using a mother’s own breast milk to commemorate her nursing journey and the bond of life created with her child.

BreastMilk, Services


Colorful and fun, it is totally safe thanks to the clip on its back. Hang it on a garment or a bag

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