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Breast Milk Jewelry from La Joie En Rose

Liquid gold and an authentic source of life, that’s what your breast milk represents. This special bond between mother and child is etched forever in your hearts and it is now possible to keep a tangible memory of this unique journey with our BreastMilk Jewelry.

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Breast milk Pendants

A precious pendant as a souvenir of your breastfeeding journey with your baby

Breast milk Earrings

This precious breastfeeding bond between a mother and her child can now be tangibly preserved into a unique piece of jewelry.

Other Breast Milk Jewelry

Add a lock of hair to the precious souvenir of your breastfeeding journey

Breast milk Rings

A ring made of your precious Breast Milk

Boobs Breast Milk Pendant (for the Canadian Cancer Society)

For each piece of this model sold, $ 10 will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

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In the incredible and often tumultuous journey of motherhood, every moment, every drop of breast milk is a precious pearl of happiness. At “La Joie en Rose,” we believe in the magic of transforming these fleeting moments into timeless treasures [...]

Rose-coloured joy and white pearls

EXCERP: No surprises here, milk turns yellow naturally. This is a challenge all breast milk jewelry artisans are faced with. If you’ve decided to get a jewelry piece done with your breast milk, you obviously want a tangible and timeless [...]

“My baby is a star” When motherhood and bereavement collide

EXCERP: Today, I would like to discuss a subject we seldom talk about in our culture. It hurts to talk about it and leaves most of us at a loss for words. What is it? Perinatal bereavement.If you are reading [...]