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LA JOIE En Rose!



Do not hesitate to send me your questions / comments by writing to [email protected]

Thank you so much for continuing to encourage and show solidarity with our small businesses!

How long will it take to process my order?

Every order is processed according to its place in the queue. When one order is finished, I begin working on the next project based on the date each order is received.

From the moment I receive your Breast Milk, the lead time for your order to be completed is estimated at 8 to 12 weeks and may vary depending on the time of year (holiday season, vacation, etc.). This estimation does not included the shipping time.

I am doing my best to meet this estimate. However, it can be modified at any time for conditions beyond my control, without notice.

You can check the arrival of your precious package right here

Please note, customized orders may take longer.

You will receive an email from me with your tracking number when your jewel is ready.

Where are you located?

I am located in British Columbia, Canada, but I am originally from Quebec. I accept orders from all over the world! I often receive milk from France, United States, England, etc. without any problem.

How much breast milk is needed to create jewelry?

I only need a very small quantity of breast milk to make a piece of jewelry, usually 1 oz of breast milk to be sure but I can do almost all of my designs with as little as 5-10ml of breast milk.

I have a really low milk supply. Can you use less than 1 oz for a jewel?

Sometimes, I can use as less as 1 TSP (5 mL) for a small jewel.

You can, for example, collect your breast milk over a few months, freeze it individually (even if in tiny quantities), thaw it all, put it together to manage to have a larger quantity and send it to me.

If I order now, can I send my breast milk a little later for X reason (take advantage of a promotion, travel, etc.)?

Yes absolutely because your order will not have an expiration date.

What’s breast milk jewelry? Will they change color over time? Are they guaranteed?

Breast milk jewelry is a unique jewelry created with a mother’s breast milk and resin. The process involves using professional solidification and preservation techniques. Breast milk jewelry reminds you of your precious memories from your breastfeeding journey. Each breast milk pearl will remain beautiful through the years and it will not change color (won’t turn yellow or brown).

If exposed for a long period of time to the sun or to any other chemical products, the resin used to create the jewelry may have a chemical reaction; however, the milk will stay the same color. If this is the case and you haven’t followed the care instructions sent with your jewel, we do not guarantee your products. In any case, feel free to reach out to me and we will look over the situation to come up with a satisfactory solution for you.

If I am unable to find the perfect mount for my breast milk pearl, will you accept custom orders?

I happily accept all custom orders. If you are unable to find the perfect fit, contact me via our online form,”Customize your Breast Milk Jewerly” and I will be more than  happy to help you find the perfect mount for your jewel. Please note that a non-refundable fee of 75$ is charged for every custom order. This fee is used to cover the time needed to find your perfect mount.

How will I ship my breast milk to you? Will you provide me with instructions?

Once your order has been received you will receive an email ( please! Don’t forget to check your spams box! ) with detailed instructions on how and where to safely send your breast milk.

In the days that follow (usually, from 5 to 9 business days), you will be receiving a package containing a pre-paid padded envelope (with a tracking number) with a pre-addressed sticker to La Joie En Rose and a safe container for sending your breast milk. This service is only available in Canada and is safe, easy to use, and all-inclusive.

For orders outside of Canada, please visit your local Post office for options/costs on how to send your Breast Milk. On average, in France, it is around 15 euros and in the United States around 12 $ USD.

Does my breast milk need to be frozen or can it be fresh?

As this milk won’t be consumed, it’s totally fine to use breast milk that has been frozen before, even since years.

Your breast milk must be thawed before shipment to avoid any condensation during transport. If the breast milk is frozen it could cause your container to rip.

How do I measure my finger when buying a ring?

I always recommend having your finger measured in a jewelry store to be sure. But there are several virtual ringers on the web, available for free, to guide you in the choice of size.

Is it legal to ship breast milk in the mail?

In Canada, there are no special rules regarding the shipment of breast milk.

What is your refund policy?

Your order can be fully canceled and refunded within 2 days following your purchase. After this date, I will be ordering the many parts needed for your jewelry and I will be sending you the package for your breast milk shipment (if you are located in Canada).

If you wish to cancel your order after 2 days and before I have received your milk, you will be refunded 50% of the total amount of your purchase.

If you cancel an order after the arrival of your breast milk you will be refunded 10% of the total amount of your purchase.

How should I take care of my Breast Milk Jewelry?

I suggest removing your jewelry before taking a shower or washing your hands because the heat of the water could cause damage. Do not wear when swimming or when using chemical products. Avoid long and direct exposure to sun rays. Wash with a polishing cloth.

About the Gold Plated options : We really make a high quality gold filling but gold wearing off can happen for gold plated materials, they should have always been kept away from water and perfumes. The hand sweating and friction can also cause this after some time.

It is a special jewel that you should take care!

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

I fully understand how precious your breast milk is for you; however, some things are out of my control. By buying my products, you understand that Karine Lajoie and La Joie En Rose cannot be held responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged materials due to fire, flood, theft, or any other Act of God. For these reasons, I do ask that you save a small amount of your breast milk to ensure that you are able to have a backup if something happens and you need to send more of your material.