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LA JOIE En Rose!


Karine Lajoie

Karine Lajoie, the creator of La Joie En Rose’s precious jewelry is a young woman in her thirties and originally from Quebec, Canada. A couple of years ago, she moved to the west coast to follow her husband. Driven by the desire to create a unique career for herself, she founded La Joie En Rose; an online store of jewelry and accessories for women. Through La Joie En Rose, Karine has been able to combine her passion for art and entrepreneurship.

As a result of the many moves, Karine has made across the country, creating an online store was the obvious medium to present her custom-made jewelry to her clients. “Having an online store allows me to always be available for my customers. It also allows me to live close to nature and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I am a self-taught person and I have learned through the years, with the help of my many loyal customers, to listen to women and identify their needs. Just like my day-to-day life, I wanted my business to look like me and be out of the ordinary.  For me, each piece of jewelry needs to be unique.  That’s why I love learning about each and every one of my customer’s unique journey and using their stories to create their own one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. “

At the La Joie En Rose’s online store, you can find many of Karine’s remarkable Breast Milk Jewelry. Do not hesitate to contact her at any moment if you have any questions or comments about her products; she will gladly get back to you!

« I am always available to discuss openly with each and every one of my customers. If they have any special requests I will make sure to do everything that’s within my power to deliver a product to their entire satisfaction. I make sure to always be available to them because every breast milk jewelry is unique and represent so much to each customer. When trust is established, beauty begins! »