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Tarnishing Breastmilk Jewelry? … Not here!

EXCERP: The main reason why we purchase breastmilk jewelry is to have a precious memory of our breastfeeding journey. We want to cherish those memories forever. Breastmilk jewelry can be a little something that reminds us of all those gentle breastfeeding moments we shared with our little ones. I bet you recently discovered that it’s now possible to transform your breast milk into a unique and tangible …

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I bet you recently discovered that it’s now possible to transform your breast milk into a unique and tangible piece of breastmilk jewelry at La Joie En Rose. When visiting La Joie En Rose’s online boutique you can find multiple styles of BreastMilk Jewelry to match your taste.

There are probably thousands of questions that come to your mind when thinking of breastmilk jewelry such as, “how is it made?” and those questions are totally normal. Let’s be honest, this is not the kind of jewelry you can buy at Walmart…!

Today, I felt like sharing with you my experience working with breastmilk jewelry while at the same time answering some of the questions you may have. I will share with you what has been for over a year now, my day-to-day life creating breastmilk jewelry.


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I have worked really hard developing the perfect “recipe” to create my breastmilk jewelry. I spent many hours researching and talking to my partner who has a lot of knowledge in chemistry and works in the mining industry. I have done thousands of tests to find the perfect recipe. At first, I was using cow milk and as I was getting closer to creating the optimal recipe I began using breast milk that moms would nicely lend out to me. I like to call them my “guinea pig moms”!

Do you want to know what I got out of the first couple tests? Well! I created a kind of cheese…!

At first, it had a beautiful white color, almost too pretty to be real. To be honest, a couple weeks later, the bacteria started to do their work and I am pretty sure that under a microscope you could find a whole village working at it. At that point, I knew I had a lot more work to do.

I went back to square one. I began reading about it and then began doing more tests. Finally, I found THE perfect formula to create a breastmilk jewelry pearl that will be forever white!

Do you want to know what my main ingredient is? It’s………….. Love!!! Oh yes! I told you I was going to answer some of your questions, but not his one! Haha!


Here is a very important secret! You won’t get to know them all, but you will get this one 😉 . To create non-tarnishing and impeccable breastmilk pearl, I mainly use resin.  This main ingredient is what makes my recipe successful, but… my breastmilk jewelry requires good care.

You must know that currently, none of the safe forms of resin on the market is 100% UV resistant or resistant to Mr. Sun.  There is one kind of resin that is UV rays resistant, but it’s made of mercury, a highly toxic ingredient for our health. For this reason, I don’t use this type of resin in my jewelry. The day you’re planning on sun tanning, spending hours under the hot sun, or during that precious week of vacation (you know the one where you will be laying on the beach all day long in Cuba) with your breastmilk jewelry around your neck? On those days simply take off your jewelry and leave it somewhere safe!

My breastmilk jewelry is water resistant, but know that heat is not its friend. You shouldn’t be wearing your breastmilk jewelry when taking a super-hot bath for hours on end (I know it can be tempting to admire your breast milk ring while in the bath 😉 )…  If you want long-lasting breastmilk jewelry you should avoid wearing it under those conditions. That being said, taking a 5 to 10 minute shower in between breastfeeding your little one, or doing a load of laundry and preparing a snack for your oldest, is totally fine for your breastmilk jewelry. Lol!

As you have decided to purchase your own breastmilk jewelry from La Joie En Rose, I know that you want to preserve the good quality of this precious souvenir of your breastfeeding journey. In fact, I know you will make sure to take good care of it, as suggested. 😉

If you follow the caring instruction I forwarded to you when receiving your breastmilk jewelry, it will definitely last for a long time, unlike the breastmilk jewelry you could have created using a DIY kit. Those DIY kits don’t offer that type of warranty! I have actually written a post on that subject, it’s right here.

One day, you could tell your grandchild: “This pearl is a symbol of my perseverance and of my love for your dad/ your mom when I was breastfeeding them. It’s the joy I shared with my baby that kept me going and it’s with this breastmilk jewelry that I will forever keep this memory alive.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions! I will be more than happy to answer them and maybe it will inspire me to write many other blog posts.



Karine xx



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