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#LaJoieAuSuivant, a good action to give to the next

Each trimester, I will donate $ 1 per Breast Milk Jewel sold to an organization related to breastfeeding or parenting. It is possible that additional actions will be put in place, in addition to the $ 1 per sale, in the coming months.

A new organization will be chosen each trimester to receive money to help serve its users and to promote the kindness and humanism of its actions towards the family.

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The organization that will receive the next donation of #LaJoieAuSuivant (for the months of May, June and July 2019) is Les Éditions de Valois!

Les Éditions de Valois is a Quebec micro-enterprise that specializes in the sweet marriage between perinatality and writing, between maternity and poetry. This eco-responsible, feminist and humanist organization espouses the noble mission of humanizing births. They want to build confidence in female parturients, make them believe in their bodies, and encourage the medical system to adopt milder procedures.

To magnify births, the company produces books in line with its humanist mission:

– A belly full of promise: the conception, the pregnancy and the physiological childbirth explained to the children, that La Joie En Rose is a godmother ;

– The seasons of the loves: collection of stories of childbirth for physiological purpose (to come in October 2019).

Les Éditions de Valois also offers artistic and poetic memories of pregnancy and childbirth, such as Tree of Life (photo editing of placental prints with accompanying poem) and Stork Stories (stories of personalized birth).

, #LaJoieAuSuivant

Earlier on #LaJoieAuSuivant

In the last trimester (November, December 2017 and January 2018), the organization benefiting from the #LaJoieAuSuivant movement was Autour du bébé, whose mission is to accompany the parents of the Ahuntsic neighborhood (Montreal) in learning and valuing their new role in the pre and postnatal period, as well as to promote good physical, mental and emotional health for all members of the family.

La Joie En Rose is very proud to have donated $ 110 to Autour du Bébé!

, #LaJoieAuSuivant



During the trimester of February, March and April 2018, we have raised 106$ that we have giving back to the bilingual and inclusive collective; Mind Your Own Tits /// Occupe-toi des tiens.

This organization is a civic and friendly organization whose main mission is to de-stigmatize and standardize breastfeeding in all places, to demystify the practices surrounding proximal parenting and to break the isolation of the early childhood period so that Breastfeeding experience is positive, all through the arts.

The sale of the collective work, inclusive and bilingual Occupe-toi des Tiens /// Mind Your Own tits is here :

“The goal is to change attitudes about breastfeeding in public. It’s not true that because a woman wants to breastfeed, she must automatically hide and isolate herself to do so, “says Sabrina Garneau, co-director of the MYOT movement.



During the trimester of May, June and July 2018, we have raised 117$ that we have giving back to Nourri-Source Seigneurie-de-Beauharnois.

Nourri-Source Seigneurie-de-Beauharnois, it’s 18 breastfeeding mothers who have completed 1280 hours of volunteering in the last year. It is a personalized accompaniment with the mothers who wish to have a support in their experience of breastfeeding.

It is also the “baby space”, a shelter that allows a place to breastfeed comfortably during outdoor events such as Valleyfield Regatta. It is a free consultation service with an IBCLC to facilitate access for families in need.

For more information:

The Nourri-Source Federation is made up of Nourri-Source organisms whose main mission is to support breastfeeding. Nearly 750 experienced volunteer mentors and volunteer fathers chose to get involved in order to encourage and encourage breastfeeding. The particularity of its network and what makes it famous is the flexibility that volunteers show during their interventions with mothers.

To find your sector or to discover the Federation:



During the trimester of August, September and October 2018, we have raised 79$ that we have giving back to Jannie Houle Photographie!

When my first daughter was born, photography became for me one of my hobbies. Having always dreamed of making art my job, I decided to jump into the water and get into professional photography. Over the months, the hobbie that I cherished became a passion. So today, I can say that I do what I love in life. I like to make this service accessible to those who can not afford it and to give my time to others to immortalize the most precious moments of their lives. But what I appreciate most is having access to these moments and capturing the small details that matter most: the emotional look of a fiancee during the vows; the smile of a toddler during feeding; the tears of the mother who gives life. I am grateful to live what I live and would love to give as much as I receive. – Jannie

, #LaJoieAuSuivant, #LaJoieAuSuivant


During the trimester of November, December 2018 and January 2019, we have raised 113$ that we have giving back to À la source Sept-Îles.

We are a community organization that trains breastfeeding mothers from Moisie to Sept-Îles through the Uashat and Maliotenam aboriginal communities and extends our services to Port-Cartier. A 24h breastfeeding support service is offered thanks to its volunteer godmothers who followed our 16h training. Once again this year, 7 new mothers have benefited from it and will soon be crowned breastfeeding mothers.

To be self-financing, we had the idea a few years ago to open an ecoboutique that wants to be the most Quebec and ecological possible for the people of the region. Our small boutique offers exclusive products on the North Shore and are offered at a reduced price to people who are members of the source. A nice way to help us while buying local.

, #LaJoieAuSuivant



During the trimester of February, March and April 2019, we have raised 98$ that we have giving back to  Amitié Matern’elle!

Founded in 1986, Amitié Matern’elle is a non-profit organization of volunteer godmothers with the desire to support and advise parents in their new role. The godmothers are volunteer mothers who have experienced the ups and downs of the post-natal period. They all breastfed and received basic breastfeeding training. They also benefit from continuous training throughout their sponsorship.

, #LaJoieAuSuivant

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